Any MMA roto football geeks out there?

Last year Greg Savage won the MMAagents Yahoo fantasy football league and Randleman was the rookie of the year finishing third and having the best regular season record.  We had teams from Sherdog, Weekly, Junkie, 5 OZ, Beatdown, Payout, The Palace, and even had Sherwood, Bagels, Skala, and Hallman.  I had the best team by far and Savage got LUCKY in the playoffs against me. 

It is a 16 team league and we may have an opening for an industry person.  The live draft is Wednesday Nov 9, at 7:00 PST.  If you have thick skin and an interest in an MMA Fantasy Football league, please post here. 

If you need a fill in...I'll do it...but not an industry person :(.

You can count me in if you have a spot.

 why are u doing it so late in the season?


Should be a pretty easy draft in November. By then, if you don't know who the good guys are, you are in real trouble.

 I'm interested if you still have a spot.  Playing in 3 Yahoo leagues already, but I still looking for a 4th.

hopefully you mean sept 9 draft...most sights dont have drafts once the season starts.

 Im up for it...

I'm in and I'll win;)

It is SEPT 9.  The draft is today.

jjchgo - hopefully you mean sept 9 draft...most sights dont have drafts once the season starts.

KenP master of all the little details

 Do you still need a team?

Do you need me to join and win?

Sean Salmon should have some free time?

ofc your team was the best and he was just lucky..that always happens to me too!

If you're still looking for someone I'd be happy to fill the spot as a representative for 5 Oz..

Lucky my ass! Now if all the cheapskate losers from the MMA industry would pay up we would be all good.

Pav didn't even get me my show money ... wtf

Come on Pav, make my dream come true

TTT for Camp joining in!

Lol... I was the only one who did pay.  Talk to your boy Sherdog.  Hey you didnt even pay and it was what $25??? Bagels says he feels guilty and is going to pay double.