Any more BUBBAs for sale?

I know we had one guy post, but his BUBBA is already gone.

So - any other used bubbas for sale? If so, how much and how much shipping?

Finally, I don't know the name of phil's dummies, but if anybody has info, prices, video and/or any used ones for sale, post here also.


phil's dummies kick some serious ass

yeah i was wondering to as soon as i can get my money back for the other dummy i ordered. i was going to look on here too see if anyone had one for sell. does anyone have info. on phil's dummy?


I have a used Bubba, complete and in great shape except I've stolen his gi. I'd have to check on shipping to your zip code ... he weighs about 55 lbs. E-mail me at if you're interested.

My webpage guy changed servers, so my webpage was down for a few days. How ya guys doing?

Sdriver, you've got mail.



Will get back to everyone soon ... in the middle of moving to a new house, kind of hectic now, but I will answer all the e-mails.

It appears that my grappling school is going to take Bubba off my hands. Thanks for the interest, and sorry about the inconvenience. I've e-mailed everyone who e-mailed me asking about him.

For the record, I'm not getting rid of Bubba because he's not a great product -- he is. But, he does take a decent amount of room to use, and since I now have a weight pile at home, I just don't have really have room to use him, plus he scares the shit out of my wife.

You will also quickly learn to wear a cup when grappling Bubba, master of the groinbar.

A dummy under $300 would be a man shaped pillow and wouldn't come close to the Bubba. Save your money and get the best, which is a Bubba Dummy.

Gary Hughes

Thanks for the comments, guys. Sorry about the cup-check feature that goes with all Bubbas. :-)

I was working on a heel yesterday (holding the leg up in front of me), and I lost my grip. He gave me an axe kick right between the eyes. He can be a mean bastid.


man i want one of those dummys