Any movie theaters survive COVID?

Every movie theater I know of in the local area is shuttered, and it does not look like they are coming back.

Do you know of any that are open?

Indoor movie theaters, specifically. I heard some drive in theaters have had a resurgence.

Our local theatre has been open for several months now. I don’t know how they keep the doors open though. We’ve gone 3-4 times and every time we have went there has been less than 10 people in our particular theatre. No lines to get in or get food etc.

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The AMC theater, and closest one to me, has been dead since covid. However, the Wehrenberg (the one we choose over AMC, it’s owned by Marcus I think) returned with Thu-Sun movies.

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I have no idea how any of them are still hanging on. Two Cinemarks in our town. One closed down. If it goes on much longer theaters will go the way of drive-ins. There will be a few around for nostalgic reasons but that’s it.

Damn, I’m a moron - I just checked and found some open with showtimes around me. Looks like only the very small local theater near me is actually closed closed.

But the movies I see listed are also all available on Amazon Cinema.

I’m still waiting for Alamo. I miss their wings.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t stay open. They are technically a restaurant that just happens to have a giant screen, not sure why they couldn’t stay open.

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Cinepolis has re-opened.

what i’ll never understand is how every city with a pop of 100k or more doesn’t have an alamo draft house/cinema

I thought Alamo the one by me anyway was open on and off throughout. I’ve been getting emails from them so I think they’re gonna survive. Maybe not all locations but they’re still going.

Drive in are thriiiiving and popping up everywhere now… Which is cool cause I loved them as a kid but fuck movie theaters… I have an oil popper that makes movie theater popcorn dead on, comfy couch and great sound and TV…

I’ll never go back at this point

I don’t even know if you can see a movie around me. I feel like they would advertise as being open with Covid adjustments, but then when you make the effort to go, the doors would be locked. Half their employees are all on stimulus unemployment and there are barely any patrons, shut it down. Or if it’s open it’s a depressing shithole with nobody maintaining it.

Cinemark Theaters here in Texas were closed for a few months, but have been back up and running for at least a year now. AMC theaters were closed for about a year, but they are back open, too. There are other small chains that show second run films that never closed. I don’t think the family and I have missed a week in the past 18 months catching a movie on the big screen and getting ass raped in concession costs.

Drive ins making a comeback with live music piped to your car