Any Nation where HumanTrafficking Exists is a SHITHOLE

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Op wHY dO You HIt THe CAps LoCK On And OFF! I dO AGrEE wItH SOme sTuFF yOU SAid!

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I was just thinking about this topic the other day while heading over to pick up my prom date in the T-bird.

We need tougher laws.

^LOL Dean, that did give me a good chuckle…I will concede that 17/18 is a grey area and if she is FREE to make her OWN CHOICES and then ROCK ON DEAN!

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There used to be this asian restaurant in my home town that I used to go to. I loved the joint. Good prices and good food.

It was a 2 story building with the public area on tbe 2nd floor. Turns out the bottom floor actually was a storage area for south Asian women who were being sex trafficked. I felt like a total POS when I found out what was happening for years just under my feet. I felt disgusted that those people got my money for years.

^sad story…this SHITHOLE business needs to end! Time for the World to EVOLVE!

I’m not against FREE CONSENSUAL ADULTS enjoying the life…if you GOT GAME and can be a Casanova, then by all means, enjoy the rewards of your efforts…but SLAVERY is for LOSER SCUM!

Again I have to ask though, “ how bout those handjobs at the massage parlor eh???”

I’m not a LOSER so I don’t have to PAY some poor SEX SLAVE to get me off, I can get handjobs from FREE WOMEN and if that’s too much a hassle and I’m not in the mood to deal with their feminine nonsense then I got two FREE HANDS!

I’m curious as to your thought process for which words are capitalized which aren’t. It’s fascinating.

you just gotta FLOW with the GO!

So every single country?

watch this:

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Just like I stated in the OP!

Are you retarded?