Any new and fun things to do in Manhattan?

im heading to Manhattan this weekend and would like some good suggestions on what to do and eat. I have been to Manhattan a few times before so im looking for something new to do. I have been to Central Park, explored Chinatown, the sex museum, rockafeller building, top of the rock building, and the statue of liberty. I already ate at Katz deli and john of bleeker st pizza too. I was thinking about exploring the American Museum of Natural History if i have nothing else to do. Also im looking for a good and somewhat cheap place for some seafood. Any suggestions?


 - walk the Highline, the once-decrepit above-ground railway that has been converted to an awesome scenic park.  

- walk Hudson River Park along the Hudson River.  prolly fav place to kill time in NYC.

- walk the Manhattan Bridge. DO NOT walk the Brooklyn Bridge. its under construction and the views arent so great. better to admire the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan Bridge 

- fuck all the walking, rent one of those new CitiBikes that are available on every street corner. NYC is a great place to ride a bike, lots of bike lanes. traffic is slow, so its actually pretty easy and safe to move through the streets. 


- eat Gyro pita from any street vendor who has the name "Rafiqi's" on their cart.  get the red and white sauce.  my fav is open weekdays on the corner 6th Ave and 19th Street.  you can find one in Union Square on the weekends.  $6 meal and its fuggin fantastic. and its a real NYC experience.

- drink at Please Dont Tell, a secret speakeasy-style bar that's accessible via a phone booth inside the East Village's popular hot dog joint Criff Dog. 

- eat at bbq at Fette Sau in Brooklyn 

- eat at "Biang!" chinese noodle shop in Queens

- eat Tacos at Empellion in the West Village

- fresh made soba at Sobaya in the East Village.  get the Kamo Seiro. order the cold noodles, not the hot bowl

 - cheap seafood: oysters and mussels at Flex Mussels (Chelsea) or Aqua Grill (SoHo)

- Italian brunch at Maialino in the Grammercy 'hood

- better & slightly more expensive seafood: Lure Fishbar (SoHo) or Blue Water Grill (Union Square)

 - If you're not with kids, head down to the Orchard/Essex area of Manhattan's Lower East Side late Sat night.  bars, restaurants, bands, clubs, lots to do down there.

- head to the Williamsburg 'hood in Brooklyn, lots of moustached-wearing, skinny-pants-clad hipsters, but theres also an explosion of amazing neighborhood-y restaurants and bars there.