Any new Footage of CM Punk?

Or are they keeping that locked up tight? I haven’t seen any training footage and that to me sounds like he hasn’t improved much. 

The last footage they had was from around January I believe and he still looked pretty rough 

In the jimmy smith preview just released today he still looks unnatural on the mitts and bag. He’s going to get his ass handed to him. 

Thai Dye -

Definitely still looks unnatural on the mitts but he does look better, digging those punches in more. He looks like a scrapper type, get in your face and brawl. If his cardio and determination are on point he can win this fight.

He was a 1 on the mits before. He looks like a 3 now. Still poor form but clearly is improving. I’m rooting for the guy. I love a good underdog story.

Seriously hope he pulls this off, seems like a good guy 

I don't expect him to be great in any area but he should have the basics down pretty well by now. 

6 months of sprawl training later, he is a killer machine now!

He looks fucking knackered. Like he hasn't slept since his first right..

the only footage you need is the one playing this saturday when Punk drops jackson with an overhand right followed by a guillotine choke into full mount position