Any new GI set coming soon??

Last time I checked, I was hearing that there was going to be a new Andre Galvao set from Otane (BJJ tapes), but have yet to see anything. Any word on new sets that Otane or World Martial Arts are working on???

Sets that i have heard that are in the works are:

Leo Viera(otane)
Maia 2(WMA)
Another Robson Moura(WMA)

I know the Galvao instructional is all filmed and is being dubbed. I think its been at that stage for quite awhile, so i'm not going to hold my breath on it being released anytime soon.

I'm unsure how far along any of the other instructionals are.

Anyone know who is releasing cobrinhas new set?

Also Romulo Barral's Spider guard from manto fightwear should be coming out soon.

Cobrinha's DVD should be out in a few months, hopefully. It has been filmed, I am guessing the producer doesn't want it promoted yet, or they would have posted a release date.

Man, Jim has alot of making up to do after releasing that Rani Yahya DVD. Hopefully Galvao is leaps and bounds better than that. As for Cobrinha, If im not mistaken, I thought I heard that WMA was producing a set with him.

It is not WMA doing Cobrinha's upcoming set.

that looks like an impressive list.

Galvao has been working on his for a while now

The new Maia I heard might introduce a new guard for some people. But I heard this a couple of months back.