Any New Jack fan?

I often asked myself, why do people pay to see this guy wrestle? seriously, I can't stand him. sure, in ECdub, he was entertaining but after all the shit he pull over the years, this guy is one timebomb ready to explode. We know he already hurt other on purpose. it's just a matter of time before he kill someone.

never saw the appeal in him either.

Fuck that dude Phone Post

I can't stand him Phone Post

Isn't he in jail right now for messing up some minor in a pro wrestling match? Phone Post

no. He just got injured doing some balcony dive.

Never was a big fan. Worked shows with the guy in October and November and he totally changed my opinion on him. Dude just keeps it real and is actually nice as hell. Even bought me some drinks when we ran into him at a local Applebee's before the show. He wrestled one of my good friends, he had wolverine claws on his hand when he came out and I feared for my buddies life. Match was over, my friend came to the back, I asked him how new jack was because he looked like he was fucking him up bad. Dude said he was a complete professional and was actually really loose with all his shit and never even touched him the entire match. Phone Post

New Jack has great promos and before he became a run in wrestler he had some great matches. Look at his Smokey Wrestling stuff. Sadly he got more attention for his Vic, mass transit and such. His help with the American Mafia is great.

The guy can be a huge asshole, sure. But take a look at the business he's in. I'm not saying anyone deserved some of the shit he's done...but I guess I am saying they probably did.


With that said, I was never a huge fan of his work. Not big on the over the top hardcore stuff to begin with.

He was on this weeks episode of the art of wrestling Phone Post

just listened to it while at work. I found it very entertaining. Still don't like him any more as a wrestler however.

I was a fan of his back in he late 90s. I actually bought a New Jack shirt at an ECW show.

But once I learned about the type of person he is, and saw so many of the terrible things he's done in the ring-- I think the guy is a piece of shit maniac that should never be booked again.

He came across like a charming sociopath on the podcast

Can someone post their favorite shoot interview with him ? I've seen a few that I really liked and want to know which are his best ones Phone Post

Remember one shoot he admitted he was high as fuck an was gonna get higher later Phone Post

In the wrestling business he is a giant piece of shit, but personally and I have met and hung out with him on more then one occasion, he's a great person. Funny as hell just fucked in the skull. Phone Post