Any news on GTA6 &/or SR5?

From Forbes, 2016

First, the success of GTA Online means that a true sequel, GTA 6 , can essentially be delayed indefinitely. Previously, Rockstar had no intermediate, consistent revenue streams in between installments like this, but for as long as GTA 5 ’s online mode continues to be insanely profitable, there’s just no need for the series to move on.

It will, eventually, I’m sure. I just don’t buy the idea that GTA Online will kill all future sequels in the series, but will it change them? That, I think, is the real question.

With GTA 5 , we are now seeing Rockstar make a clear choice to ignore story content in favor of the online mode. And what I wonder now is how much Rockstar will change the fundamental concept of a GTA 6 to better align with what they’re seeing here. What I’m picturing is a new GTA game that ditches the traditional story component altogether, or rather it merges that aspect with the online mode from moment one.

Instead of playing as a set character like Trevor or Nico or Tommy Vercetti, players would create their own hero like they do in GTA Online . Sure, there would be missions and maybe some cutscenes and such, but the sort of microtranscactions that make GTA Online so profitable would be inserted into the game from the start. In GTA 5 ’s story mode, you save up cash for cars and properties and weapons and what not by completing missions. In GTA Online , you do that through activities, but also through paying real-life cash for in-game currency. GTA 6 could eliminate that distinction altogether, merging the experience into one giant revenue generating machine (even after the initial $60 purchase price).

So people are still playing GTA 5 now? They are playing the multiplayer modes I guess? What are they buying though? I only played a little of the 4 player Co op modes and don’t remember anything I could buy to help the game

I too heard that we will make custom characters for GTA6. Something that only Saints Row did. There will be cut scenes and voice actor options as well, so it won’t be a silent protagonist.

Did you read this before posting?
It not only adds no new info to anything being said here, but disagrees with your central argument that they will simply run GTA5 Online forever.

" but for as long as GTA 5 ’s online mode continues to be insanely profitable, there’s just no need for the series to move on. "

is the gist of it. eventually they will make a new one, yes, sans story and loaded to high heaven with mtx.