Any news on Hendo?

Is this guy still under contract w/Pride?

I'd like to see him against Rogerio Nogueira, another fighter who seems to fight only sporadically in Pride. Plus it would be interesting given the 1-1 record between Dan and Big Nog.

Dan is already 1-1 against Mino.

I think he's talking about Minitoro rather than Minotauro. Hendo and Rogerio have never fought.


Hendo's still signed with Pride. I thought I saw his name as a possibility on the next PRIDE Bushido show.

Hopefully they can bring in Hendo at 205 when Randy retires or loses. Hendo vs Tito, Chuck, & Vitor would be awesome!

He would be at 185 before 205 in my opinion. At 205 he would be a smaller fighter. But Dan is tough as hell at any weight.

He's still with Pride.

Dan is a great fighter that for whatever reason does not get enough fights. I don't care if it is the UFC or Pride, but I would like to see him more.

" if zuffa was smart they would pick him up to be the exciting 185 lb champion they are looking for"

that's a great example of the lasck of business sense of the average mma fan. 3 team quest guys at 185 would make the title picture there hopelessly confused