Any news on Sergei Kharitonov?

Does anyone have any news on Sergei Kharitonov? It has been more then two months since his fight against Alistair Overeem, where he dislocated his shoulder early in the fight. Has he recovered from his injury yet? Is he back in training? In my opinion he is still one of the top ten heavyweights in the world.

Sergei is one of my favorite fighters. I am sure that he will be back in a few months, although I have heard nothing about his recovery.

His performance against Overeem in his fight was shades of Oleg Taktarov...demonstrating incredibly heart...or stubbornness, depending on how you look at it.

I think that in a rematch, he could dust Overeem.

I would also like to see him against Barnett and Crocop.

TTT for Kharitonov!

Also, if he wants to continue to improve, he is going to need to get with a new team.

THe old RINGS Russia crew is pretty much done. He has Illuokhine to train him, and then a bunch of young kids/much smaller guys to spar with.


We have a couple of his shirts in Large left over if anyone is interested...$21.95 each

I really hope that Sergey recovers fully...but I fear its going to be like mike greenwood said...that it will be a recurring problem now :(

SERGEI is fully recovered and ready to fight. He is waiting for his RED BERET to come back from the dry cleaners and that is the holdup apparently!

I think he needs a rematch with Overeem when he gets healthy.

Overeem is way overrated and he will get demolished in the HW division. I look for him to go back cutting weight just like he used to.

Overeem finished Vitor, Igor, and Sergei all in the first round, can't call him overrated

i agree though, i think the heavies will hurt him, and a fresh non-injured Sergei will as well IMO



It was cool when he came in with the military outfit and beret etc. Good schtick.

He's the kind of fighter you expect from Russia, Tough as nails, good boxing and excellent judo/sambo throws... I hope he comes back soon.

Overeem got SO lucky that night. I honestly think Sergei would beat him more often than not healthy.



Hope he comes back and beats Overeem.




"Sergei got his ass handed to him. Quit making excuses nuthuggers."

We are not making excuses. It is a fact that Sergei's shoulder was dislocated very early in the fight. That is what caused his poor performance.