Any NLL fans?

New National Lacross League season starts on January 1.

The Rush moved here to Saskatoon this year and I could not be happier! Got my season tickets shortly after they went on sale. I have high expectations for them this year. On paper, they are the best team in the league.

Hoping for back to back titles!



Obviously not.

Rochester Knighthawks fan here. You are not alone. I am here with you.... Phone Post 3.0

Saskatchewan Rush home opener only 48 hours away.

Sold almost 7,000 tickets so far. So that's good. I figure they need to average over 5,000 to last at least one more season here, so it's looking good!

the defending Champs and best team in the league had to relocate?? wtf Phone Post 3.0

rush is a good organization.  so is the newly relocated georgia swarm.  Good people in those offices.  I hope they do well. 

Never been to a game but I might try and take in a Roughnecks game. Everyone who has been says it's awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Check out my interview with UAlbany offensive coordinator Merrick Thomson for his views on the importance of the box game in lax player development. Phone Post 3.0

Never played or watched lacrosse... I'm from Texas.

How many teams are there in the league? It's it strictly in Canada? Phone Post 3.0

LETS GO BANDITS! Phone Post 3.0

Roughnecks great peeps to.  Check out a game, their product is awesome

Cool, anyone want to join my fantasy lacrosse team

Oh..I thought national lesbo lickers

9 teams in the league. 4 in Canada, 5 in the United States. Games are a blast to go to. And pretty affordable as well.

Outside of Saskatchewan which for some reason has the most expensive tickets in the league.

It looks cool but I don't get it. Phone Post 3.0

i'm a fan

was down at the Sasktel Center tonight (I'm volunteering with the Rush). Place is going to be rockin' tomorrow night.

you guys rolling out the field? 

Field was already laid out.

9100 and change in attendence so that's really good. Obviously there was first game novelty. Hoping we can average around 7500-8000.

Lot of people there were asking a lot of questions, not understanding parts of the game, but everybody around me was really impressed and I could overhear them saying they would be coming to more games.

Sucks the Rush couldn't get the win, but it was so good to see professional sports back here in Saskatoon.

I played box for three years. Almost as much fun as rugby was. You can really get your mean streak out playing it.

I didn't go to the game, but lots of my buddies did.

I'm more interested in it than the blades.

You have fun at the game?

You going to prestige in March. We have some guys fighting on the card. Phone Post 3.0