Any NLL fans?

Yeah, had a blast at the game. The place was rocking. Like I said, a lot of people had obviously never been to a box lacrosse game so they were asking a lot of question, but everybody around us was enjoying themselves.

I care way more about the Rush than the Blades. In 10 years I think I have been to 3 Blades games. And they only do about 4500 per game.

and FUCK the Sasktel Center parking lot. Brutal to get out of there after an event. Only two exits out of the parking lot.

That Prestige show is the same night as a Rush home game so won't be making it to that one. Really bummed I couldn't make the one in Weyburn a few months back, my hometown.

9500 there last night. Looks like they will be lasting in Saskatoon a few years at least!

won a twitter contest and got to sit in the penalty box for the second quarter! The game is so much faster when you are sitting that close.

Used to love it when the Rock first started and they started showing games on Sportsnet. For some reason I never really kept up with it. Our team in Montreal lasted about 30 seconds so that didn't help.

Great sport, I wish I could find somewhere to play but all there seems to be around here are select teams made up of guys who grew up playing. Phone Post 3.0

I used to have season tickets to the New York Saints all through elementary and middle school before they moved the team. The league was originally MILL (major indoor lacrosse league). The team was never that good but the games were always so much fun. Phone Post 3.0

Nice. A guy at work offered me some tickets, but my oldest had been away at camp for the week and she didn't want to go. We just chilled at home.

It's a really fast game. So much fun to play.

Don't park in the sasktel centre parking lot. It's quicker to park elsewhere like Costco and walk. Phone Post 3.0

Over 11,000 there last night!

used to always go to minor games and had to keep your head on a swivel when the ball went up into the rafters and began ricocheting around.

wow thats great 11,000

I know the Rock has sold out the ACC on occasion - 17K plus

BigEyedFish -

wow thats great 11,000

I know the Rock has sold out the ACC on occasion - 17K plus

Barely filled the lower bowl when I went to a Saturday game a couple years ago. Still a lot of fun, we were in the 3M box eating shrimp and drinking beers. Phone Post 3.0

yeah, the Rock have sold out some NLL finals. 19,432 for the 2005 NLL Final which I believe is a NLL attendence record.

13,700 there last night for the Rush game.

The Rush are here to stay (for the foreseeable future)

Good to hear! I got season tickets for the roughnecks and the games are a blast! Tough rebuilding season but all is good, glad we have some nll fans here Phone Post 3.0

If I wouldn't have gone to Regina last night is have probably gone to the game. Phone Post 3.0

Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 just came out a few days ago for xboxone, ps4, and pc. Played it with a buddy, it's pretty fun. Has over 60 college teams and i think every NLL team. Phone Post 3.0

oh man, forgot all about that game. Just checking out some gameplay vids on youtube now. looks good

The Rush played in Toronto tonight. Things got chippy towards the end of the game.

Rematch tomorrow night in Saskatoon is going to be a good one!

And I would love to be on that flight that is coming here which has BOTH teams on it.

season tickets for next year going on sale already starting next week. Well renewal for current season ticket holders.

At the exact same time my car insurance is due.....and of course I will need to get playoff tickets for this year.

Man is my credit card ever going to hate me.

Can clinch a home playoff game with a win against Calgary tonight.

The home and home series with Colorado in two weeks time is the big one. That will decide first in the West and the first round playoff bye.

Can clinch first in the west and a first round bye in the playoffs with a win tonight against Colorado!

Another sell out. Phone Post 3.0

yep, over 15,000 thousand last night. That place was ROCKING!

If you don't get playoff tickets soon, you are going to be shit out of luck. Amazed at how well this team has done at the ticket window this year. Of course it helps that we got the defending champions. If we got a true expansion team and were 4-12 instead of 12-4, no way they are selling out games.