Any northern VA clubs???

I might be moving to the northern Va area this weekend for a job opportunity and was wondering if you guys know of any bjj or muay thai clubs in the area. I know yamasaki is around but hes like 45 minutes from where I am if you guys know of anything id appreciate it thanks.

Go to the kick boxing forum and ATTN Khun Kao. His school in Herndon, VA One spirit Martial arts has bjj and muay thai and I know that he's working out this weekend at the school.


Thanks guys. I was looking around last night and found the Lloyd Irvin place and I dont think thats too far from where Im going to be. Im going to be in Fairfax I know its like 15 minutes from D.C. I dont think Herndon is too far away I remember seeing it when I was there last.

You will not be disappointed with Lloyd's place, but if the GW bridge is too much check out Jeff Ruth's place in Arlington. Jeff is a great guy, teacher, and fighter.


All the schools named above are excellent. I too, live in Fairfax, and train and teach at One Spirit Martial Arts (Fusion BJJ) in Reston/Herdon. It's a great facility and we have great guys there. We're a Pedro Sauer Affiliate, and have an active competition team. Shop around at different schools and see which is right for you. Our website is, there are directions and class times there. Hope to see you soon!



thanks again guys. Im from long island so the traffic is nothing new. Yeah im gonna check out the site now JRockwell thanks. I know herndon isnt too far from where im going to be and Ive been looking for something with both bjj and m/t.

Jeff can you give me any info on prices?? / (Jeff Ruth, Lloyd Irvin) Arlington, VA (Jeremy Lafreniere, Royce Gracie), Alexandria, VA (Scott Devine, Relson Gracie), Sterling, VA (Irvin/Dalla), Woodbridge, VA (Pat Tray, Pedro Sauer), Woodbridge, VA (Dave Anderson, Pedro Sauer), Herndon, VA (Francisco Neto, Mario Yamasaki), Springfield, VA (David Jacobs, Mario Yamasaki), Chantilly, VA / (Dave Anderson, Pedro Sauer), Reston/Herndon, Arlington, VA / (Bill Grinnell, Caique), Falls Church, VA /(Mike Boyce, Pedro Sauer), Winchester VA

Hope this helps. :-)

Bill Easlick

-Team Lloyd Irvin (

If you live in Fairfax I'd say your best way to go is Yamasaki. Your just about in between the Chantilly and Springfield locations, and not all that far from the DC and Rockville locations. Lots of options, so many branches and times you have acess to so as not to be able to make a class.

Word to the wise, 15 miles in DC traffic in no way is 15 minutes, it can turn in to like an hour.

Chantilly branch is actually offering discounted memberships as it tries to get its feet on the ground.

3 Blackbelts and a ton of brown and purple is hard to beat.......


As much as I'd like you to consider training with us, I fully recommend checking out David Jacobs in Chantilly if that is your best option for travel considerations. "The Rock" is a great guy both on and off the mat.

Thanks guys!

Yamasaki Chantilly!

-David Jacobs

Anyone have any opinion on Maguilla's school? I have a friend in the
area (MD/DC) looking to get started in BJJ.


Thanks again Bull and Penny. Bull which school do you train at?? Ive been to Yamasaki last time I was in VA. Its not that far but also I dont think they do any muay thai do they??


I can definitely get you pricing info. Shoot me an email at Hope to hear from you soon,


I train MMA with Jeff Ruth in Arlington (Team Lloyd Irvin). We have standup as well as vale tudo and bjj classes.

Team LLoyd Irvin

5 Black Belts that all train together at least once a week, bunch of brown belts (One the is getting ready to go to the Olympics in Judo) and some really good purple belts.

Two Muay Thai Amateur World Champions, one 3 time National Muay Thai Champion active pro and amateur Muay Thai competitors. Great Muay Thai program.

I won't mention NHB since you didn't say that you were
interested in that.

Check out our tv commercial on our website.

Mike Fowler
Team Lloyd Irvin

"Im going to be in Fairfax I know its like 15 minutes from D.C"

How close are u from GMU...I've rolled with some of the guys at the GMU BJJ and MUY THAI's run by Jeff and the ONE SPIRIT GUYs. Great guys...and very tiring.

Wow...we may not be Southern California, but there is an awful lot
of good BJJ training options in Northern Va.

BRG, Hell yeah we do! and this is only No. VA, this isn't even inc. DC and Maryland..

at least 20 locations around the DC metro area...

It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that all of the local schools are good and you should check out as many as possible before you make a decision.

It should be noted that Yamasaki Chantilly won't just accept anyone into the program. You have to pass a rigorous Star Wars trivia test and you have to be able to distinguish between a stromboli and a calzone.

Are you up to the task?