Any northern VA clubs???

My bad. Shat is correct.

I am eating a ham and cheese calzone right now, and it is magically delicious. Don't know if I could pick a stromboli out of a lineup, but there's no way it could be as good as this. ;)

Calzone? That's all I ever needed to know about you buddy...*chews on cicada filled Stromboli*ya frickin wierdo..

Italian food no problem. Star Wars im in trouble. Ill probably check out a few but most likely try to stay closer to where I am. Thanks again for the help guys these all sound like great schools ive checked out a few of their websites.

Master Leo Dalla has open a school in Sky Line Mall. At the Sport and Health club. Its Tuesday and Thursday.
Hope to see you there

Daredevil73, It is on Route 7( Leesburg Pike) Off exit 5. I dont live in the area so i cant tell you what they call it other than Skyline Mall.

Talk to you later Judo