Any of you preparing for political debates at thanksgiving dinner?

Interesting choice of photo, since Steve Austin is a woke lib.

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Work & travel were the reasons dude. Going to Christmas and birthdays were way down on the list

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that’s an insane number. i sold a bunch of them on an mma forum for 100 bucks or so.

If you cant have a good faith conversation with your loved ones about your differences you’ve got too much partisan brain worms. Family is more important than whatever corrupt old guy is in the white house.

No. My family members are not leftist faggots.

Thanksgiving 2019 was probably the magnum opus of holiday political debates for me.

I laid out, in detail, the case for impeachment. Was dodging bad-faith ad hominem attacks from boomer relatives like I was Neo from The Matrix.

When the utensils get angrily slammed down, you know you’ve won.


No reason to get defensive… I’m sure you can get your $3k back.

Lol which one was that again? The first one that didn’t amount to shit or the second one that didn’t amount to shit?

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Lol… They probably follow you around and wipe down everything you touch with a lysol wipe worried you’re going to give them AIDs. I doubt they argued with your spastic gay ass, they just let you rant like a fool lol, you’re not fooling anyone.

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He was the only one not watching football… probably had pictures and diagrams all ready to go too!

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I actually did.

I used the infograph that was released by a member of Congress. Nobody had a rebuttal when I brought receipts. Shocking!

That year I literally made a thread detailing how to verbally, intellectually, and factually decapitate your wingnut relatives.

What are his beliefs?

Lol and it all turned out to be fake news… I’ll bet they were nice diagrams though!


You’re always such a dramatic bitch. This isn’t even remotely close to true. Fucktard.

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Fuck no.

I’m gonna eat and drink and maybe eat more and definitely drink more

Everyone who knows me IRL knows I think what I’ve expressed here.

Not concerned about politics.there will be no pro-ukraine sentiments espoused in the presence of my wife or i though.i will be assaulting anyone that does.they already know that and arent foolish enough to try though. None of us drink so wont be an issue

sounds like a super fun time


Wasn’t me lol

I have been very open. I got the jab

AstraZeneca and my right leg swelled up from thigh to foot

I didn’t go to emergency and when I told my dr. (Who told me months earlier to get the vaccine ) that i was lucky to be alive

Was it a blood clot - don’t know
If it was - was it caused by the vaccine? - don’t know

But what else was it and what else caused it ?


I have a no politics rule! We will be talking about MMA, WWE and porn!