any of you see ROBIN HOOD yet?

looking for some hg feedback on this before i spend too much on the movies again...

seen enough Robin Hood movies for one life time

Was not bad but not great either wait for DVD IMO but worth the rent

everything I do.......

NECKCRANK808 - Was not bad but not great either wait for DVD IMO but worth the rent

so the big screen didn't enhance enough to justify the $15 spend?

I think if you paid even $10 you would want to shoot someone

I thought it was pretty good, definitely worth watching. The production design and battle scenes were top notch, though it tended to lag a little at times at 2.5 hours.

Technically, it's not a Robin Hood movie. Rather, it's a prequel that leads to how the Robin Hood legend got started. There was no "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor" that I can recall. Crowe was good, but he seemed way too serious and grim an actor to play Robin Hood. His band of merry men weren't all that "merry", either.

Anyways, I thought it was worth the price of admission. But then, I saw it in Vietnam and paid about 90 cents to see it, so....

i'll be forced to go see this movie cuz my GF has a thing for Russell Crowe. oh man.

It looks like a 300 with bow and arrows.

It was pretty good, kind of slow, but good. Dont go with the expectation that it is another Gladiator (I did). It is the story of Robin Hood before his legend grew. Def worth seeing.

Mike Onzuka - It looks like a 300 with bow and arrows.

for the record, 300 was the most over-rated pile of shit this decade. i was asked to review it as a "celebrity correspondent" for the Midweek, and i trashed it. keep in mind that i was a mythology geek when i was a kid. read all about the Battle of Marathon and the Peloponnesian Wars. i went in with high hopes. but it was all style, no substance. what a shitty ghey storyline it was. always bothered me how much the MMA community embraced this piece o' crap.

that's because the mma community has undertone of teh ghey in it. lol

The first time I saw it I was like WTF?

The second time around I ended up liking the cinematography in a similar way I liked Sin City.

The movie is nothing like 300. 300 was okay for what it was, which was basically a page-for-page rehashing of the comic book by Frank Miller. It's virtually identical to the comic (yes, I used to read comics. I'm a dork), and didn't try to pretend to be anything else.

This movie is a legit historical action-drama (okay, probably not historically accurate but still), not a comic book,  and IMO, a pretty good take on the Robin Hood legend and how it all began.  It's worth seeing, IMO.