Any official statements from Chuck yet?

I've been trying to keep up on the MMA news since Saturday, but I haven't seen any official statements from Chuck on whether or not he's actually retiring. I know Dana says he won't book Chuck anymore, but it would be nice to actually hear it from the Iceman's mouth if it's true.

Also, anyone think there's any chance of Chuck going elsewhere? I'm guessing no, for two reasons:

1) Chuck is probably too loyal to go to another promotion, and
2) even if he wasn't, I'm guessing that UFC has promotional rights to his next few fights anyway.

He said he's looking forward to fighting Tito on June 12th in Vancouver.

LOL. He might have to settle for fighting Tito in the parking lot.

Chuck needs to retire

Whatever he's's sure to be difficult to understand with his lips all jacked up.