Any OG Cyclists?

Good brakes and good wheels are the biggest and best upgrades you can do to improve safety and your ride experience.

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true. elevation is a lot easier with pulling and pushing. just distributing the strokes between both legs makes a big difference imo.

it does take time to get used to, though. i will say that i never had a hard time coming out of the clipless pedals when i needed to, but a lot of people do say they have trouble. i’ve always worn shoes with the cleats recessed into the treads (mountain bike style). don’t know if that would make it easier or not.

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I rode with clips and clip less for the last 15+ years. Recently I threw on a low profile mountain bike flat pedal on my road bike for convenience and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Freedom!


Florida sucks ass for cycling, hot and boring as fuck

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Road biking or mtn biking? There are at least 4 innovations I would put above disc brakes on mtn bikes

Flats are superior

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I cycle with my son about 60 or so miles a week. I absolutely hate it. My son races motocross and cycles a ton for cross training since it’s such low impact on knees and stuff. He’s 14 and a fucking savage. I can’t even keep him in my sights on a 20 mile ride. I’m 39 and dread every minute of this shit.

We live in central florida and there are tons of cyclist. Groups of them everywhere. We quickly discovered that for the most part they’re all the biggest goobers ever and a huge portion of them are ultra liberals. So we don’t really fit in with crowd considering we’re a bunch of dirt bike racing rednecks.

BTW we use Garmin watches and the Garmin connect app. It tracks calorie burn, elevation, speed, heart rate, pretty much anything you could imagine.


I’m lucky bc I live in a hilly, scenic mountainous area with minimal road traffic . My rides are usually very enjoyable and peaceful. Cycling is the only thing I enjoy that doesn’t beat up my feet, knees or body. I just bought a wahoo cycling computer and heart rate monitor, I love looking over the data. I’m not much of a “cyclist” though I do wear a helmet and padded shorts, regular shirts though bc I’m husky fat. I been reading up on zone 2 training and I’m trying to ride 80% of the time in zone 2, but it is very hard bc of the amount of hills and my weight so my HR climbs . I just have to go painfully slow and let myself recover .

I noticed that I feel much better riding zone 2, compared to prolonged high intensity which really zaps me of energy if I ride that way consistently.



Wasn’t there a real old school OGer named like “Biker fox” or some shit like that? Just popped into my head when I saw the thread title.

overall. depending on what you’re doing on a bicycle you literally might not have brakes

Guys do yiu like to swim? I do, some jealous people say im a bit disabled
At 200yards i start drowning
@mataleo1 why do i love you
I love bubbles sliding my back, i push them with my ankles

A touch of the downs…

Do you bike alot?

Nope. I mostly commute during the year. And a few big mountains during summer time

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As a young teen I trained (Hill Climb Hamilton & track in Montreal) cycling during the biathlon off season.
Became much harder to do after my face took out a side view mirror of a car that stopped half way through a right turn. Six or so surgeries later with cartilage from my ears and skin from my ass I still have a nose.

Although it grows ass hair.


When you sneeze does it sound like a fart?


Cool. Was this a cycling-specific trip? I might have some follow-up questions b/c I’m sort of interested in doing something like this…

It was a vacation during which I planned to climb a few times but not every day.

Ask away, I’ve done some really nice “cols”

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Im heavily into cycling, either as a fan of the sport and as a pratictioner, also i live in an area with arguably the hardest climbs that you see in the grand Tours, specifically in Giro d’Italia (harder then the ones in Tour de France), just to name a few:
Stelvio Pass
Gavia Pass

Every summer such climbs are occasionally closed for a morning to motorized traffic, so local cyclists and tourists can enjoy them without risks of being run over, coincidentally tomorrow morning is the turn for Stelvio pass and im going to wake up at 6am to climb it, considering the road to get at the beginning of theclimb its going to be a total of 130km and about 3k vertical meters.