Any OG lawyers in Orange County?

Just signed a lease  for a condo. Then find out it has roaches. The exterminator came today to inspect and told us there is also a leak in the dining room ceiling letting in rain. We haven't moved anything in yet and the lease doesn't start until the 15th. How do i get out of this lease and get our deposit and rent back?

Not a lawyer, but am a landlord. Have you talked to the landlord yet? Is s/he being unreasonable? Otherwise, the lease should address facility issues. Good luck

I guess not, but I sent him pictures of the roaches and he sent me back a copy of the work order and a copy of the finalized lease. We are supposed to mive in the 15th and there's a roach infestation and leaky roof, which under law falls under uninhabitable. I'd rather not move into a place with this many problems before the lease even technically starts.

Don't move in. Call or better yet visit him and ask for your money back and be sure to state the legal reason is that it is uninhabitable. Be firm. Good luck. Phone Post 3.0

hope you get your money back. glad to see you are leaning towards not moving into that place.

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Hope it works out Chode.



We sent an email to the real estate agent that we signed the lease with saying we want out. See what he says.