Any OGer's have NFL Sunday Ticket and can help out

My cable took a shit on all days of days and we looked at nfl Sunday ticket to stream the game online but a day pass is $44.95. Are there any kind OGers out there who can help out and share their password for 1 day? Happy thanksgiving and thanks for your time bros. Phone Post 3.0

Damn nobody guys? Phone Post 3.0

Todays games are on regular tv across the land. That means sunday ticket isn't covering them. I just checked.

Yup everything is on normal non subscription stations but if you need to find them online I'm sure there's somewhere you can find it FIRST on some ROW that has SPORTS because .me doesn't find it hard to do Phone Post 3.0

CBS is showing Detroit vs. Chicago

Fox is showing Dallas vs. Eagles

NBC is showing 49ers vs. Seattle


Awesome line up of games.  49ers vs. Seattle are tied 7-4 with an awesome rivalry that stems from last year, only they are at San Fran tonight , I believe.