Any OGers know about windmills for aerating ponds?

Hey everyone,
I am looking to buy a windmill for my parents' land. Anyone have one on their land or know anything about them.

It needs to be the classic windmill design, also serve as a aerator to their pond which is an acre in size. I don't need any electronics or solar cells, just simple gears and shaft system to drive the aerator.

I have not decided on whether it is made out of wood or metal. Wood looks cooler, but deteriorates sooner. I want it to last decades, but this could change with the cost of the two materials.

I am not sure on the height, maybe 15-25 feet tall. I want it to be proportional to the pond and the land around it.

VUs to all that help.

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i'm not an expert but i have a buddy....


his name is google

VUs for ttt the thread. I tried google, but lots of info, I hoped to get someone on here that has one. Phone Post 3.0

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