Any OG'rs going to NAGA?

NAGA Southeast is in Riverdale, GA (near Atlanta) today! Are any of you fools spectating or competing? I am doing my first one, so fingers crossed. I'm pretty terrible, so thank goodness for the Novice and old timer's divisions. The wife and I are leaving the little bastards with G'Ma and making a weekend of it. Come watch some man on man action if you're within driving range. Phone Post

Good luck, homie! I went to the Arnold Classics in '09 and a chicago NAGA event a couple years later. They still give out swords? Let us know how you do man! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks, guys. 1.5 hours til go time! Phone Post

I'm banned from NAGA for being too slick Phone Post 3.0

Kick some ass op Phone Post