Any one order from No Gi (Brazil)?

I just want to ask a simple question, I don't want this to turn into a war of words between No Gi USA (Brennan's company) vs. No GI (Brazil)....

I just want to know how the shipping service is for No GI Brazil...I have a tourny in a few weeks and just wondered if I'd get the shorts in time. Thanks for any help.

Angelo has some NoGi Brazilian Fightwear products including the fight shorts and they ship from the US.

I did--they shipped my shorts rather quickly--good service.

Well i know you didn't want this to turn into NOGI USA vs Brazil, but since MMAWarrior throws this out, what is you basis for saying that? I understand if you prefer the brazil kind and that's cool, it's a personal preference, but i seriously doubt you've ever dealt with NOGI USA because you wouldn't be saying that if you did. Their shorts are first class (i own three pairs) and the rest of their stuff looks grea, and the customer service is great.

Now i'm not saying anything against the Brazil stuff, personally i think the USA stuff looks better and have a hard time imagining better shorts from anyone, but i haven't had any experience so i really have no idea.

Hope you get your shorts in time Angelo.


thanks for the input, not sure if you were directing your
question/comment to me or mmawarrior...i just knew that there was
issues between the two companies and i just wanted a simple question
answered. i had a chance to handle (not wear) the Brazil brand. I've never
seen the American brand up close. No disrespect to anyone...

No i was apologizing to you for putting this into the thread when it was specificly asked of you not to do so. But the nogi comments were geared towards MMA Warrior, i didn't construe anything of what you said negatively.

cool, dracovich, that's what i figured...i'll probably just stick w/ my
SPRAWL shorts for the tourny....thanks everyone for your input!