Any one see Bone Tomahawk?

I both liked and hated this movie.

The direction was good, the actors were charismatic.

The story was dumb, the villains were pretty flat, and the "shocking scene" was not that shocking IMO.

I'm probably going to watch it this weekend. I LOVE westerns.

Never_rolled - Watched it last night. The traveling could have been cut in half.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the whistle thing the husband cut out of the injuns throat? How did they get those in there? That was nasty when he put it in his mouth.
They were an earlier form of man, not fully evolved...I am assuming it was a primitive organ we do not possess. Phone Post 3.0

Kinda slow but some pretty intense scenes.

Side note; Kurt Russell looking good. I'm ready for the Hateful 8. Phone Post 3.0