Any online sports bettors here?

I recently found out that shit like Bovada wasn’t technically illegal in my state even though sports books and casinos aren’t allowed here.

I’m not a high stakes guy, but putting $5 on a baseball game certainly makes it a hell of a lot more watchable.

I’ve learned that outside of the UFC, I’m not as big of a sports guru as I thought I was, but I’d never bet money I wouldn’t mind losing.

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I guess not.

Havent used that site

However i am a small time bettor.

I’ve done it but I usually find myself betting with friends and even on here. I’ve lost a $500 bet to a complete twat. Long story but we make some bets on college football from time to time.

The most I do with friends is stuff like bracket pools, I feel like straight up bets cause tension.

I’m probably extremely lucky that online gambling is illegal in my state (WA) because I would get my degenerate ass in serious trouble I’m sure. Lol. It does sound fun to bet on UFC fights though.

I use Bodog (Bovada Canada). Payouts sometimes take a while but always go through, so I can’t complain.

There’s better options but I made my account years ago, never bothered signing up anywhere else. Decent variety of things to bet on too.

I’ve got justin rose 75/1 I’m on a bad run wish me luck

3 for 3 in Japanese baseball last night, fuck yeah