Any other Artists here?

Medium? And are you making a career out of it?

I’ve been painting for most of my life. Started with acrylics then moved on to oils. I’ve done a few pieces in watercolor in the past but I enjoy oils.

I am one of the selected artists to participate in the Slowpoke Western art show coming up in a couple weeks in Solvang (California).


I scribble shit with sharpies sometimes

You have been here long enough to know

Evan Shoman (Shoman Art)


Disciple Dojo

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I draw stuff sometimes. I used to be a lot more artistic, but I don’t put much time into it these days.

What kind of paintings do you do? I’d like to see what you’re doing.

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The term artist has lost any meaning now. 99% of the current “artist” are completely unskilled but since now we all say art is in the eye of the beholder a banana taped to a wall can sell for $120,000, which actually happened.


I was on the front page of the LA times for being a “Graffiti Arteest” back in 92 :joy:. Nice way of saying I was a shitbag tagger :joy: still do a canvas every once in a while with acrylics.


I’m a sandwich artist.

24x48 oil on canvas.

Smaller piece

I’m a landscape artist.


Those are beautiful. I don’t like oil paint, just because I don’t like how messy it can be. But I do love how the texture seems to add little variances that you may not naturally think to add, but definitely exist in nature. Also interesting colors. You really got all of the different tones in those shadows (again, something that occurs in nature yet many people don’t tend to notice).

How long have you been painting? I’m glad you seem to enjoy doing this, because I have found that painting is not a very lucrative profession for most people. I got into graphic deign because I wanted to be creative for a living, but it’s not traditional art and nothing like painting or drawing. It’s more like being an instrument for other people to use.

Anyway I hope that your show goes well.

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Thanks man. I’ve been painting since the early 80’s. Strictly landscapes. I take pics everywhere I go and use them for reference.
I’ve sold many but have not pursued the gallery route lately (was in a few in the early 90’s). I do quite a few commissioned pieces but I’ve been contacted by a few galleries so I think I’m going to dive into that which means doing alot of work.

I’m hoping to get a couple more collectors from this show as well. We’ll see though.

Another larger piece that will be available at the show. Shoestring Vinyard In Solvang.


I’m an Artist who currently works primarily with watercolour and Ink. I work in various styles as I haven’t settled on any one way of working but most of my work is figurative in some way. Here are a few pieces of mine:

“Summer bathroom” - Ink and coloured pencil on paper. 14 x 17 inches

“The Door” - Watercolour and Ink on paper. 11 x 14 inches

“Parsing the Environment - a Non-Euclidean Head Study” - Watercolour and Ink on paper. 14 x 17 inches

“Self-portrait as a conduit” - Ink and coloured pencil on paper. 14 x 17 inches

Portrait of John Coltrane drawn in one single continuous line - Ink on paper. 14 x 17 inches

“Trying to Stand - Non-Euclidean figure study” - Watercolour and Ink on paper. 18 x 24 inches

“Sleep” Single continuous line drawing, Ink on paper. 11 x 14 inches

“Sculptural” - Ink and coloured pencil on paper. 14 x 17 inches

“The Professor and his assistant” - Ink on paper. 11 x 14 inches


You’ve got a great sense of light in your pieces!

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Thanks. It’s something that I’ve gotten better at over the years.

I take pictures of cats. Does that count?

Another commissioned piece I did.

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