Any pagan fighters in MMA?

Does anyone here knwo if there are any fighters in MMA who have pagan religious beliefs, you know, like Satanism, Witchcraft, or Vampirism? Thanks.

wtf? this better be a lame spin.

why is being pagan lame ?

I have a couple pagan fighters in my gym.One of them is my best training partner.What he does out of the gym is his own business

I think I have heard of a few that have a touch of cannibalism..... does that count?

I've seen too many fighters thank God and Jesus after their matches to think a pagan would stand a chance in MMA. God is clearly on the side of his followers.

Brian Dunn is definately a Pagan.And Satanism, satanism is not a 'pagan' religion, for the idea of Satan is part and parcel of Christianity.Also as far as Vampirism, I think you've watched too much TV. It's far from a religion, I mean they don't worship some sort of Vampire 'god' or follow some sort of blood sucking pantheon.Now, let's start from the top. Pagan is usually defined Non-Christian, or at the very least, non-Abrahamic. A more Accurate Definition is: A religion or belief system that has the following Aspects: 1a) Multiple 'gods' that are worshipped together or 1b) Worship of multiple spirits/aspects/ancestors. 2) Complex Rituals (but like communion in Xianity isn't a ritual) 3) Very individualized styles of worship.So, by that definition, I guarantee that 95% of the fighters in Japan are pagans. They follow Buddhism and Shintoism and while Buddhism at it's purest doesn't fit the above definition, Shinto sure does.


satanism really has almost nothing to do with christianity, really if it is part of christianity then christanity is part of judaism.........satan worshipping has alot to do with christianity, but satan worshipping is not satanism

worst thread eva


Actually I wasn't referring to Dunn at all.I know Brian real well but he is not a training partner of mine.In fact he was supposed to be my last opponent but pulled out a week before the event

I certainly hope not. Long reign Jesus.

- Zero Horizon

LOL@thread title and paganism.

Sounds like somebody watches too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Props to Kai for droppin a little wisdom.

"Miller, do you think that Divine intervention had something to do with his pulling out of the fight? "

I highly doubt it

Kai covered most of the bases; Satan is a recent xtian invention, and has no relation to those who practice the old ways.

Pagans do not believe in Satan.

In that, I agree with them.

...and "I've seen too many fighters thank God and Jesus after their matches to think a pagan would stand a chance in MMA. God is clearly on the side of his followers."


Please suicide yourself; your life priviledges have been revoked due to blinding egocentrism and shocking ignorance/stupidity.

That is all.

"...umm i think that was a joke..."

I sure hope so; my appologies if it was.

I saw one pagan guy get KTFO in battle jax a few years ago. He looked like he came in there for the sole pupose of getting KO'd. He appraoched his opponent crouched over real low like he was immitating an animal. Got a hard knee to the face right of the bat. Went straight to sleep.