Any pagan fighters in MMA?

Daredevil: There's a lot of different versions of 'Satanism'.. From the more organized (but harmless) hedonism of LaVey to strange fucked up cults with the same name.

But as far as Satan, that can be debated. The Early Hebrew and Pro-Hebrew religions had a lot more evil rolling around than just Satan, to simplify it like that is nice and easy, but it's a lot more complex than that.

Bludhall: Rather true, LeVay's satanism is just like a Hippy-Counterculture rejection of all the worthless dogma of Xtianity.

Take it to the Holyground, godboys.

That hockey player Miroslav Satan is pretty good. I have never seen him praise god after a goal which would be funny, "Satan praises God after 30th goal". That would be a fantastic headline.