Any Penn/Bang Pics?

Have any been posted, yet?


haven't seen any yet

bj / bang sounds like a promo for a blow job gang bang porno video


someone has to have pics!???

Thanks, guys!

thanks for the pics :)

thanks goku!

Bang looks so outclassed and totally out of his element...he looks like he's fighting his debut in MMA

Penn is THAT good!

Just like we trained.

LMAO x 100!!!

Congrats BJ!

What a badass.

What a badass. Thats exactly what i was thinking watching the fight... He just completely dominated Dwayne...and when he mounted him, he had no worries in his mind that hed get thrown off.... BJ just has a ton of confidence and that shit showed...then after the fight, you could see a look in ludwig's face, that he knew bj was in another class....TTT for both guys, but BJ is a helluva fighter.floppy u see the fight yet?

Subfighter has the full clips of the penn/ludwid,suda/royler,fujita/sapp.

Wow...2 of my fave fighters. Gotta love that they both stepped up to fight.

Wow. I thought Sudo would do this to Bang but the fact that he didn't makes BJ look even more impressive. Sak fought Royce at 175 - I'd love to see BJ vs. Sak.

YOu know what? There was a huge difference in strength in that fight.

WAOW! Total ownage of BANG!

and Penn looks like he's carrying come fat around the waist too!