Any proximity beacon OGers?

Please help me with a few questions.

#1. How do I get what I want sent on it?

#2. Could these not be used to send dick pics to everyone with bluetooth on in its range?

#3. To receive messages on my device do I just need my bluetooth turned on? Mine is always on and I have never received one. Maybe I live in a boring area with none around?


What is this magic you speak?

It is a little device, small like a hockey puck, dongle or key fob. It sends out 10x a second an image when a device with bluetooth gets in its 100 yard range. Run for years on 2 AA batteries.

You can track bodies in an area or send a coupon etc etc.

Nerd version:
The Proximity Beacon API is a part of the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon platform, which also includes Eddystone, an open beacon format from Google. The Proximity Beacon API is a cloud service that allows you to manage data associated with your BLE beacons using a REST interface.

I thought this place was on point with techy shit...

You can just pm me the dick pic. Save yourself some money.