Any questions for Cormier?

Tomorrow we have DC on the MMA Roasted Podcast...let me know if you have any questions you'd like me to ask. Thanks for the support.
Adam Hunter Phone Post 3.0


On TTTHS you call yourself "Champ Huge Balls". The question is: do you in fact have huge balls?

Ok real question: If JBJ never comes back, how will you solidify your legacy?

Additional question: What's your favorite Popeyes signature sauce?

Thx in advance Champ Huge Balls Phone Post 3.0

When was the last time you smoked weed?

Who would win a ice cream eating contest, DC or Fedor?

"I know you're married but have you been getting nonstop tail thrown your way since becoming champion?" Phone Post 3.0

How taste Jones pee pee Phone Post 3.0

DC, would you move down to 140lbs to fight Ronda Rousey? She would move up in weight to fight you Phone Post 3.0

If Cain does not regain the UFC Heavyweight title, would you ever consider challenging for it? Phone Post 3.0

Does he truly believe he's the champ or is he a realist and knows he's just borrowing Bones' Belt? Phone Post 3.0

Rhys91 - If/when he fights Jon Jones again, what would he do differently? Phone Post 3.0
Not cry like a girl when he gets beat would be my guess. Phone Post 3.0

JerodR - If Cain does not regain the UFC Heavyweight title, would you ever consider challenging for it? Phone Post 3.0

This is a good one, though Werdum is a tough match up for those AKA guys

Where does he get his socks from? I need some quality socks Phone Post 3.0

What type of cake with his chicken??? Phone Post 3.0

If he could add 1 new rule/change to mma what would it be. E.g. judges Phone Post 3.0

The Power Double - How taste Jones pee pee Phone Post 3.0


Who would you call if gangs graffitied your business?

When Werdum beats Cain again will DC move back up to HW Phone Post 3.0


Ronda Tate Cyborg Phone Post 3.0

Ask DC his thoughts on 19 year old american kyle snyder beating his boy khadzhimurat gatsalov for freestyle world championship becoming youngest American ever to win world title Phone Post 3.0

Does he want to maybe fight Jon Jones in the street like out of 'Rocky V' in order to escape the shadow of the man who is considered the "real" champ?

If so, since it's on concrete I'd have to think maybe that's a little advantage as some fighters are simply more suited to that environment. Phone Post 3.0

Get him to become an uber driver Phone Post 3.0