Any Rand Paul supporters out there?

I've been a southern blue dog democrat my whole life and I would vote Republican if he were to get the nomination. The problem is he won't get nominated and it's a damn shame. Another problem is that Republicans preach about limited small government yet they haven't really walked the walk like they should and nominate the libertarian Rand Paul.

Hillary won't do anything about the war on drugs and that's one of Rands main platforms he talks about changing. That's why I like him so much, he believes just like his father that everyone should be left alone and be able to do what they want. Neither Republicans or Democrats could ever fathom leaving people alone and letting them be independent. Just put everyone jail that's always the answer. Phone Post 3.0

He rocks Phone Post 3.0

Steel Bayou - He rocks Phone Post 3.0
One can only dream that he gets nominated. He's got to get the Christian Right on his side and he could have a chance. Phone Post 3.0