Any ratings for belletor vs ufc prelims

was just curious to see which did better and who was turning in to what

I watched some ufc prelim but had more of the bellator on.. the free main card of bellator was much better than paying for ufc which wasnt a much better card imo

Way too early.

oh didnt know free cable stuff took a while

just though ppv did

Why do mma fans care about ratings? Phone Post 3.0

monday probably.

Uni man - Why do mma fans care about ratings? Phone Post 3.0

It matters, if good shows are rewarded with good ratings, while subpar shows end up with poor ratings, the promotions will listen and change.

If fans just watch their favorite promotion, no matter the quality of show, they will be rewarded with more shitty events.

This is the first ufc that I didn't bother to dvr/PVR its prelims. Watched Bellator and taped WSOF though. Phone Post 3.0

Saturday night wars? Phone Post 3.0

the UFC event got atleast 7 million viewers in mexico and likely more than 10 million... final numbers will be out midweek.

numbers for american audiences on cable will be out on tuesday.