Any real estate agents/brokers/assistants?

So im looking for a part time job and since I plan on buying a house here soon ( one of the reasons im looking for another job) I figured being a real agent/brokers assistant would be a great way to learn the market and analysis process. Is anyone out there doing this?

Here are my main questions. How do I get hired? Would it be rude to just cold call all the most popular agents and ask if I could help them? Are the hours negotiable? Pay? Phone Post 3.0

Lol anybody?? Phone Post 3.0

I am in the mortgage business but work in a real estate office. Try dropping by an office and asking about it.

Though you really don't need to do all of this as research for buying a home. That's what the realtor is for. Find a good one.

my brother just got his real estate license. He has a full time job and was taking business class's for fun at night at a community college and realized he was one class away from having the necessary pre reqs for the license. I would say take classes. he attends a lot talks and meet ups at KW where he is signed up at and i think you can learn a lot and its open to non agents that are thinking of getting into the business.