Any Reality Fighting Results?

Anyone have results from NJ?




Eddie Fyvie won...Haz Ibriham won...Drew Puzon won.. congrats to team Almeida/Renzo Gracie.....TomD

How did the Miller brothers do? How about Serra vs Shakir?


c'mon...somebody must have 'em

jim miller was dominant. dan miller lost a split decision in a really close fight. shakir made nicky fight on the feet and won the unanimous decision. check FCF for a writeup later today.

mostly looking for shakir vs. serra results


serra got tooled by shakir...

serra kept tryin to pull guard the entire the fight as shakir kept walkin away and pointin to the crowd and makin serra stand up..

the crowed which i think in the beginnin was semi half half.. was defin all for shakir by the end..

the crowed was not into the constant attempts of gaurd pulling over and over and overa gain..

with no success

shakir looked good from his stand up as well

nice comibinations , good use of the knee

Congrats to Nuri!!!

congrats to
to jim miller for a great fight

also good fights by dan miller and mike castles

im sure these guys will be fightin again soon

Nuri is ona huge roll

how'd fyvie win it... more details please.


Whoa whoa whoa something MUST be addressed about this. Serra DID NOT get tooled. Infact if you ask ANYONE, ANY SINGLE PERSON, who was in attendance at that event he clearly got robbed in the first round. Nick jumped guard and quickly locked on a tight triangle. Shakir was locked in the triangle for a good minute and the ref broke it up!? Nick was actively punching and elbowing him inside the triangle.

This was clearly a mistake, any moderate fight fan or competitor is well aware that fighters stand up when the position ont he ground is neutral and there is no progress. When someone is slowly losing air in a triangle choke and they are broken up to go on their feet that is clear robbery.

Congrats to Nuri, again.

For those of you not there, he is how it went down.

Round 1: Nick looking to clinch and take Nuri down with some shots. He kept throwing a front kick over and over that never did anything, but looked kinda funny. He eventually got it down the ground (I think Nick jumped to a real high guard). He got one of Nuris arms in, and the other out. Nuri defended well, and while it was kinda close, Nuri stayed calm and intelligently defended. Nick was throwing illegal elbows which the ref didnt call at first till Kipp yelled at him and told him... I guess the ref was unsure of what was illegal for elbows. Ref warned Serra over it. They were in the triangle position for a while, and Nuri was talking shit while in the triangle. "C'mon Nick... you better hurry up. Refs going to stand us up because you cant finish it. getting tired yet? I'm fine, but you are going to be tired, and I'm going to kick your ass. C'mon Nick, running out of time, back to the feet soon". Was freaking awesome. When the ref finally stood them up, the crowd booed, but it was a good standup, nothing was going on at that point. Nick looked gassed after this. Nuri hits Nick a few times standing and the round ends.

Round 2/3: These rounds were all Nuri without question. Nick tried to pull guard over and over, and Nuri stuffed everyone. Nuri would walk away talking to the crowd as Nick sat on his back calling Nuri down. Nuri would signal to the ref and make Nick get up. Nick took his sweet ass time getting back to his feet. So much so that I thought he should have been warned and/or had a point taken away because of it. Would literally take him 15 or 20 seconds to get up... because he would sit there looking at the ref, then slowly get up to all fours... then sit there for a second. Then finally get to his feet. It was REAL bad stalling. Nuri, the ref, the crowd, everyone was just disgusted because Nick would get hit a few times and flop to guard again... and then repeat the whole process of getting up as slow as possible. At one point Nuri was standing over him and yelled "get up bitch".

Nick looked good on the first round when it was on the ground, but had nothing for Nuri on the feet. Nuri was fighting half of the 3rd round with his hands at his waists and just moving his head to avoid punches, and talking shit the whole time. Nuri is lightning fast, and hits HARD. His "jab" is like a straight right the way it lands. Nick had nothing in the tank for the last 2 rounds, was completely gassed.

Congrats Nuri.

Was a damn good fight.

Nuri wasnt losing air in the triangle... he wouldnt be talking shit if he were losing air and had trouble breathing. Nick was punching and elbowing at first, but when he couldnt elbow the way he was, he just sat there.