Any Reason to Buy Dirt 3?

Meh. Mid spring video game malaise has me thinking about picking up Dirt 3, but really, I'm not sure why. I love a good driving game and Codemasters makes the best driving games, but I'm not totally sold on Dirt 3. Anyone play it?

ttt I want to know about this as well please Phone Post

So I bought it. I will give my impression after I play.

^^ cool.. Let me know if it's worth it Phone Post

So far, it has gotten outstanding reviews. Out of twelve reviews, on;y two were less than a 9, and they both gave it an 8.5.

Ratings sound good but I usually like to hear from actual gamers and not the people getting paid.. Phone Post

The game is excellent. It is pretty much what you expect from Codemasters driving games... top notch visuals, audio, course design, car modeling, and multiplayer. Nothing new aside from the point based stunt driving which plays an awful lot like Project Gotham's Kudos system mixed with a little Skate/ Tony Hawk. Twice as much content as Dirt 2 and a few new multiplayer game types. Plenty of content.

Considering the season, this plus L.A. Noire plus Outland will keep me occupied for a stretch.

Great game.

the first one was stellar i didnt like the 2nd ones format but i love rally racing and as OP said, CODEMASTERS makes sick racing games

anyone ever play 1nsane back in the day?