any reason to cycle ZMA?

so ZMA is one of the few supplements i have ever taken that produces noticeable results(awesome deep sleep and raging morning wood). is there any reason to cycle it, or can it be taken long term on a daily basis like fish oil for example? its just a vitamin and mineral combo, so im guessing its fine to take year round without a break, but the fact that it seems to have some effect on testosterone production makes me question paranoid about messing with my hormones

despite what that blog says, i notice an immediate effect when taking it. maybe it doesnt work for everyone, but for me its like flipping a light switch on or off...its not at all hard to tell that its having an effect. when i take it, i get DEEP sleep, vivid dreams and raging morning wood. when i dont take it, i dont.

The supplement used (pcuzz link) in the testing as ZMA doesnt even contain magnesium (wtf). Also not to mention it was taken prior to training, rather than before bed. The fact the research is 9yrs old doesnt really help either.

Anyways... I dont think it is necessary to cycle ZMA unless it contains extra sleep aids in it. The ZMA I take has melatonin in it, so I only take it on heavy training days or when I really need a big nights sleep.

Do u take a multi vitamin?
My multi has zinc and mag. already...worried I will be getting too much if I start zma also Phone Post

no i dont take a multivitamin.

i dont think cycling zma is necc at all. its a couple minerals, ive taken zinc everyday for years and like jkd said, zinc and mag are in many multi's that are also takin daily. i wouldnt worry about it all.

It should be fine to take daily. Most people don't get enough Mag or Zinc in their diet as it is.

what about if you are already taking a multi?

I'd find 1 that doesn't contain Zinc. The multi I take does not, however in many cases the multi will have anywhere from 5 to 15 mgs of zinc, most zma's have 30 mgs. No more than 50 mgs a day for zinc so either way you are prolly ok.


Since my multi already has ZM...but not at the same levels as most ZMA supplements, I'll take it every other day to prevent going over the recommended amount.

The effect on your testosterone production is negligable. You would only need to cycle if it was pushing your testosterone into supraphysiological level

The only thing I'd caution (which I'm sure you already know) is that you don't end up conditioning your body to "need" (for lack of a better word) it to sleep.  

I've had all kinds of trouble with sleep and ended up trying out melatonin.  I've gone through different spells with it, and have found that I personally can't stay on it for too many days in a row.  Firstly, if I take it too late, even though I sleep like a rock, I'm groggy all the next day.  But worse than that, if I take it for a few days in a row, I end up not even coming close to feeling tired enough to go to sleep (even if I'm physically exhausted) and will need that extra little nudge the melatonin will give me to get to sleep.  Now, I only take it if I've not slept well in a few days and want to go to bed early to try to catch up.  Once/week is about the most I take it, if that much.

Not saying ZMA would be the same way, per se - but just saying overall.

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