Any reason to keep Showtime now?

I can live without the softie porn, so is there any reason to keep Showtime? I just got it 3 weeks ago and have noticed it's full of shitty movies and one series about lesbians, and that's not even cool.

Its 12 bucks a month or some shit, cheap ass! lol

EliteXC it the only reason i ordered showtime.

i order it the day of the fights, and get rid of it the day after from Comcast

is dexter cancelled? i talked the girl on the phone into free showtime for life last year when the exc thing was likely gonna happen, movies pretty much suck, but dexter was cool-MM

Cage Rage recently signed a deal -

I'll second Dexter. But that's coming to ABC or something isn't it?


Cage Rage on Showtime March 8th (K.Shamrock, Jean Silva, Neil Grove)

EliteXC/Strikeforce on Showtime March 29th (F.Shamrock/Cung Le, Shields/Fickett, Villasenor, Paul Daley, Paul Buentello, etc)

ShoXC on Showtime in March or April too.

That's just in the next 6 weeks.

At least keep it till Saturday. The Vasquez VS. Marquez fight is going to ge awesome. If you didn't watch the first two don't miss the last one. Going to be a great fight.

dexter, weeds, californication

showtime rules

oh and the L Word, for hot lesbo action

is weeds still on.....cuz that is a damn good reason to keep showtime and also i don't know about new episodes but dexter is now on cbs

what about that penn & teller show, that was pretty good

Get ATT u-verse u300 package and showtime is included. I just switched from Comcast and so far Im really liking it. The internet seems a tad slower, but not enough to complain about.