Any Rumble fans in here?

I've never been a huge Rumble fan during his first UFC stint due to the fact that he could never make weight. Now that-that's under control I've been super impressed with him.

I hope he pulls it off this Saturday- anyone else behind him? Phone Post 3.0

I am; really exciting fighter.  



I'm on the Rumble bandwagon, Phone Post 3.0


Rumble can Rumble! :) Phone Post 3.0

Rumble will tumble and fall... then get choked the hell out

I don't appreciate what he did to AA, so therefore I hope Mr. Boredom submits him in some sort of choke. Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

Yep Phone Post 3.0

Rumble fan here! Hope he can stop the take down and keep the fight standing.... Phone Post 3.0

I was pretty indifferent towards him, then I read an article on him on MMAJunkie and I liked his attitude. He appears to have really matured since his first UFC stint Phone Post 3.0

Yes Phone Post 3.0

Hell fucking yeah bruh Phone Post 3.0

For sure. Rumble is a bad dude. Phone Post 3.0

Very exciting and want him to do well but come on, he got handled by a 170lbs wrestler in koscheck. Phone Post 3.0

I've always liked rumble! But I like Davis better Phone Post 3.0

BeauTown - I've always liked rumble! But I like Davis better Phone Post 3.0
Whatever, Rumble has that explosive, exciting power.

Davis is, for me at least, a dull fighter to watch.

Too be fair I do think Phil's overall game is improving. His stand up certainly seems to be getting better.

Verdict: Rumble via savage KO. Phone Post 3.0

BeauTown - I've always liked rumble! But I like Davis better Phone Post 3.0
I like them both too, but I think Rumble is going to Ko Davis Phone Post 3.0

Rumble all day Phone Post 3.0

I didnt like him during his first run because it seemed as if he was terrified to fight anywhere near his size. Guy has fought heavyweight and as recently as a couple years ago was trying to fight 170ers. He does come across well in the latest UFC promos, and can be an exciting fighter, just rubbed me the wrong way that he REFUSED to fight at the weight class he is obviously supposed to.

Another way to look at it though is for all of the "Weight classes exist for a reason" jackoffs that think a heavy weight automatically kills a 205er, a 205er automatically beats a 185er etc etc, Johnson, a recent heavyweight got beat by 170ers and 185er Vitor. Food for thought.