Any schools in BC?

anyone know?

If you are talking about MMA or Jiu Jitsu schools there are quite a few.

Where are you from?

I currently live in the US, but I may be moving to Canada with in the next year or so.

Just list anything you can think of. I am a Bjj'er but I only do it to help my MMA. Just list both if you can (and let me know which ones you would put your mark on ^_^


Which part of BC are you moving too?

What city?

evolution mma in vernon b.c. opens at the end of the month

Email me at and I will give you all the info on the new Evolution gym I also know of pretty much every other gym in B.c. if you are not going to be in this area

Jason Darrah

Evolution MMA

If you're moving to Vancouver, train with Denis Kang. He's the real deal. His website is

Gibson Pankration and PG Fight Club in Prince George are probably the other two big name MMA clubs in BC.

Everyone in Canada is so helpful :)

check out grappling school directory:

Check out Gibson Kickboxing & Pankration in
Port Moody.
Brand new facility at 70 Kyle Street.
Very good instruction by Lance Gibson, Ryan
Diaz, Kultar Gill, Cameron Brown, Blake
Fredrickson and Todd Gouwenberg. All
experienced professional fighters.

if you want BJJ try Cocoon Athletics. Its a great
club, totally cool place and some guys with some
serious skills.

I have also heard greast things about Gibson
Pankration, Universal Martial Arts, and Marcus Soares.

If you're in Van city, definetly check out Cocoon! Those guys are cool as shit, and they offer boxing MT and BJJ. You will also run into some prominent judo players and Wrestlers there.

If your south of vancouver check out Combat Athletics Martial Arts & Performance Studio.

Fully Equipped MMA School, Full Time Strength & Conditioning Specialist on staff, Full Size Weight Room, Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna, Cardio Theatre, Showers & 4 star Lodging available on site.

Marcus Soares!!!