Any self-managed 401s left?

As I posted last year, my stock system consistantly does pretty well (+30% so far this year) and my 401 has done almost nothing in 3 years. So, I want to manage my own account.

What are my options here and does anyone know of a good company that runs a 401 like this? I read up on all of this like 8 years ago so I'm using last millenium's info!

I think most 401ks let you do your own buying/selling of stocks. It just depends on your company and what they elect. My last employer let you put 25% into a trading account within the 401k. My new job doesn't do that. My first job out of law school let me do 100% in stocks.


My money is with Primerica now and there website is vague.

So far, that's not been possible. I keep having to cash out for bullshit (like putting in concrete sidewalks so the city won't try to evict me, etc). You cannot do that with a 401.