any single people put up a christmas tree?

do you have kids? if not, why?

Single but I have two boys. One in Jr High and one in grade school. They are all about Christmas so decorating is tradition. But even if I didn't have kids is still decorate and have a tree. I love this time of year. Phone Post 3.0

When I was single I did a tree to make life feel more Christmas like. Holidays can be lonely Phone Post

I don't ..Christmas has become retarded so I don't bother . Phone Post 3.0

when i was single i would put up my Charlie brown Xmas tree that my mother bought me. still have it in case i'm ever single again.

When I was single, fuck that.  This is the first Christmas that I have been in a relationship.  We are going out and cutting our own tree.  Im actually kind of excited for Christmas this year.

I put up a leg lamp.

Festivus pole. Phone Post 3.0

unclephilly - I put up a leg lamp.
If it says, "Fra-gi-lee", it must be french. Phone Post 3.0

To answer the OP, single as of last week, and no kids, no tree for me. I have a carbon fiber skull that is out year round, so for christmas i do this:

And a string of lights along an archway. Also i will hang up a big stocking for me, and two tiny ones for my cats. So a little bit festive. Just not in the traditional sense. Phone Post 3.0


Fuck me.

Phone Post 3.0

I sure do.  Here's a pic of last year's.


Squirrel Guard -
unclephilly - I put up a leg lamp.
If it says, "Fra-gi-lee", it must be french. Phone Post 3.0
Italian. That must be Italian. Phone Post

i likey the evil ones

Fuck putting up a tree. I'm single with no kids. Waste of time IMO Phone Post 3.0

this girl did