ANY SOLDIERS,MArines,Sailors or Ai

FIGHT YET??/I mean in a show...

There have been several. SGT Damien Stelly, a level III instructor from Ft. Benning, is currently 3-0 and is supposed to fight again on April 23 in Atlanta. Dennis Halmen put on a show in Washington where one whole side of the card were Soldiers from the Striker Brigade at Ft. Lewis.


I fought in the Underground one night here in Ft Hood....

I fight when I'm home, got a show coming up on the 30th in Lowell, MA. against Carlo Prater. I'm a Squad Leader in a 10th MTN light infantry unit.

I'm 1-0 and temporarily retired (who am I kidding, I'm probably permanently retired).

Semper Fi Noshame.

Ray Elbe,

How do you like the College 1st program?

Major Bob