Any Southern Arizona Fighter's?

How many Southern Arizona Fighter's are out there looking for matches? Or anyone looking to compete in Southern Arizona MMA shows?

Leave your contact info

Next Generation Fighting Academy - Lake Havasu City Az.

We have guys at 145, 2 guys @ 170 and 2 guys @ 185

Plus, we have Amatures.

Contact Chuck Costello at;

We love to travel.



if its down this way crash at my house chuck, your crew is always welcome...i might be down to


Vince your fight that I saw on IFL was stopped too damn early, didn't they know you are tough as nails

Justin Popovich
Hinzman's Tiger's Pit

lol thanks justin, i told the ref before the fight i have almost 30 fights, and take alot of shots, but if i am hurt i will tap...guess he didnt listen , one slap to the head and its over...loll

I live in phoenix area but can travel to fight. If weigh in is the day before I can do 170 lbs but if it's same day I can't go lower than 185 weight class. I fight out of the NEST and know there are other fighters that might be interested in all weight classes. E-mail is


Vince, we are coming your way in May. Yuma on the 19th and also Tucson in May. Have you heard anything on TUF 6? I think you would fit in well with some of the guys I have heard will be on the show.

Do you want to fight on the 19th?
Jason Burry

Hey Justin, let me know any info you have. Darrell Parrish

give me a holler chuck, i talked to the wife last week...5204501561..thanks later bro


I can't wait to see Vince fight again, you Sir do bring it and that has to be respected

Hey guys, I live in Avondale, Az. Is there anywhere in the west valley for me to train? I work until six, so I can't find schools that start late enough. Thanks