Any supplements to help with acne on back/chest?

So let me preface this by saying that I'm not completely covered with acne but I will get these pretty significant breakouts on my back and chest.

Funny thing is it's never on my neck, face or legs but just on my upper chest and back.

When this happens I usually get a body wash with salicylic acid and wipe the area with stridex pads at night and it usually goes away pretty quickly.

My question is if there are any supplements I can take that will either prevent or help clear it up? Phone Post 3.0

Has it always been like this or are you taking supplements that cause it?

stop using those other "supplements"

Sunburn or rubbing alcohol (after popping)

Pics Phone Post 3.0

I heard acnepril is supposed to detoxify the skin/body. They have it on amazon. Phone Post 3.0

I've cleared mine up by washing up with dr bronners teatree oil soap and then smearing neosporin all over my chest a few times a week. Phone Post 3.0

Stopped having face acne really young but have had really bad back acne into my late 20's. About two years ago i started using defence soap cause guy was handing out free bars on the UG. Never looked back i buy a case every 6 months and haven't had a breakout since then. Ive tried everything else like proactive and shit like that nothing even comes close to working as well.

Always had my back and shoulders break out when I would work out. I would guess it's from sweat. Multiple showers helped. Maybe wipe down good right after the gym until you can shower? Phone Post 3.0

It should go away when you finish puberty. Just be patient.

Kidding, kidding. I've heard good things about proactive. Phone Post 3.0

Put down the gear son. Phone Post 3.0

LOL. If this body is the result of steroids I want my money back!!!! LOL.

All good suggestions guys, keep me coming. Willing to try anything. Phone Post 3.0

You could try zinc if you want to take a pill, but your best bet is to get some panoxyl wash.

Wash your back and chest with that stuff and let it sit on the skin for 2 minutes or so each night and you'll see a difference. Make sure to rinse off well in the shower because it can stain fabric.

Nitecrawler - LOL. If this body is the result of steroids I want my money back!!!! LOL.

All good suggestions guys, keep me coming. Willing to try anything. Phone Post 3.0

steroids. no, no, i meant man made hot ropes.

If you consume dairy remove it for 30 days. See what happens. Phone Post 3.0

TTT for more suggestions.

Although most of the suggestions in the thread are topical ointments and soaps when I was asking for pills/supplements but good shit nonetheless. Phone Post 3.0

A shower. Phone Post 3.0

GhostOfYuki - A shower. Phone Post 3.0
You mean I gotta do that more than once a month? Phone Post 3.0

Eggbert - Proactive makes a bar soap. I use it on my back and never have breakouts. Keeping the area hair free with clippers will also be a great help Phone Post 3.0

Funny thing is I don't have a hairy back or chest at all so it really shows when I have a breakout. Phone Post 3.0

Zinc. I use zinc picolinate and haven't had bacne for as long as I've been taking it

l-lysine & no mo vitamin s