Any takers for a bet?

This is for chad v Connor.
I'm a mud without a lot of posts so I'll give out 2 options:

If another mud wants the bet, loser buys the other a blue. (Post count needs to be at least mine or higher so I don't waste a blue on someone that doesn't come here often)

Or someone else wants to bet money straight up. 50-100 is cool with me. Less of you really want

I got mendes. Any takers? Phone Post 3.0

A lot of people are talking in absolutes about Connor's greatness so I figured this may garner some interest since I'm just giving money or a blue away.

Help me pop my UG betting cherry! Phone Post 3.0


I'll go for a blue. As long as it's as easy as giving my CC info and telling them to upgrade you if I lose. Phone Post 3.0

If you're willing to drop 50-100 on Mendes why not just do it on bodog or a similar site? You'll get better odds than straight up. Phone Post 3.0

I have 2 other bets for Connor so I'll be your Huckleberry.  I'll wage $50 STRAIGHT UP that Connor beats Mendes. Deal?  I know you're a mud but I'm going to give you the benefit of you not welching. 

I accept both offers from big ep and bjtt.
As far as how it goes with a blue, we may want to clarify that because I hope it's that simple but you never know with the UG.

I wanted to make the bet here just to have some fun on the UG but I do want to get into betting a little on fights. What's the most popular site that allows you to bet from California? Phone Post 3.0

You guys still taking the bet, right? Phone Post 3.0

I hate you both.

Bought the blue and sent the money

:( Phone Post 3.0

H Bomb the World - I hate you both.

Bought the blue and sent the money

:( Phone Post 3.0

VU H Bomb!  Received.

Had to figure out how to use this without the app to find this thread. Message me and I'll vouch for you next time you have a bet!! Appreciate it man :)

Good shit fellas. Hopefully I get a chance to get my money back Phone Post 3.0

H Bomb the World - I hate you both.

Bought the blue and sent the money

:( Phone Post 3.0
Voted up OP for being a man of his word in his virgin bet(s) on here. Phone Post 3.0