Any tarantula owners?

New pics from today, Brazilian Black 3"

Brazilian Blue 3.5"

Brazilian Redhead 3.5"

Mexican Red Rump 4" - I guess the Mexican Red Rump is probably a female as the females usually have “beefier” legs than the males, this thing can live 15 years, so it might outlive me, lol.

Mexican Red Knee 3"

Mexican Golden Red Rump 3"

Crazy…I think I look at tarantula owners the same was most people look at snake owners. I own a couple snakes myself but find the idea of owning a tarantula weird as fuck. Not as weird as people that raise up beetles and shit but still weird. Kind of interesting but absolutely not for me. Apparently people are into jumping spiders too. Cant wrap my head around that one.

You think dogs suck? Jesus I bet you’re fun at parties. Dogs are awesome! No other pet will love you and your family more than they love themeselves. So many pluses with dogs to mention. But they do require some attention.

I think you’re either a snake person or tarantula person. I am arachnophobic but don’t mind snakes at all. I just would never own one. And as for jumping spiders - fuck that noise.

I get nervous even sticking my long tongues in the enclosure because the slow movement lulls you in and they are lighting fast when they want to.

Anyways, my kids love the spider. We named all the daddy long legs in the garage lol. My 4 year old girl actually cried “Bob Ross is gonna die!.”She was the nurse during the procedure.

I checked on him this morning and it looks like he’s gonna live. Two of its legs look a little funny but he’s moving around nicely. I will take a pic when I get home from work.

I love dogs, best pets ever, but as mentioned a lot of work and commitment.

We actually have 3 pet boy rats that are hilarious. We saw a mischief of rats last night by the 7-11 dumpster and have a whole new appreciation of them. I’m sure it would be a nightmare if you had a rat infestation but as pets in a cage, there is a reason son they call them " mini dogs". Really cool and smart pets, sadly they only live 2-3 years.

Same with spiders, whole new appreciation of them. I don’t think I could ever own a snake. And we watched a friend’s bearded dragon and that was interesting but a lot of work that I wouldn’t want to do.

Rats can go a few days without any maintenance and the tarantulas can go weeks with any maintenance, so that’s nice for small vacations if we need to leave the house.

Would love another dog, but not sure if we are ready for that commitment again after losing our chihuahua we had for 6 years a few years ago.

Lol thats cool to have your kids so interested. Hope your tarantula pulls through. Sounds like a bad situation. Had no idea they could get stuck/encased in their sheds. Snakes get stuck sheds but it doesn’t sound nearly as difficult to deal with as what you’ve had to do. Good work.

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How’s blackie Wax? For future info that sounds like a humidity issue. Whenever you fill the water dish poor a little water down each corner of the terrarium into the substrate. If he makes it your lucky. I’ve seen a few examples of them attempting to molt IN the dish and if it’s deeper than where the book lungs are they will drown.

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You are right about the humidity. I was worried about mold so I wasn’t consistent with wetting the substrate. I’ve had him for 15 months with no issues and got complacent. I guess they get more sensitive as they get bigger.

Anyways, he will live. Still hardening his fangs. I will wait until Wednesday to feed him just to be sure. I will also rehouse him to a bigger enclosure .

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I had to clean out my substrate because of too much mold from overflowing the water, so I totally understand. I always make sure the dish is full of water, but I don’t overflow it any more. Sometimes I have a spray bottle and will spray the inside with water though.


Crazy story. Spider surgery! :smile:
Will be interesting to see if there are any behavioural changes to him afterwards. I wonder if the amount of touching you did will register that you are not a threat …or maybe he’ll be ashamed he needed help and come at you extra hard from now on lol

We need pics and an update!

Think that’s crazy? They can become “compacted” which is basically terminally constipated. The typical solution is to wipe it’s “butthole” with a damp q tip. The difference is it isn’t trapped in it’s exoskeleton prison and half dead. It’s usually lethargic and pissed off.

That’s crazy. Now another thing to be paranoid about moving forward. How can you tell this is happening?

It’s not common at all, but common enough. Their abdomen will swell, they’ll refuse food and you can usually see a white/yellow plug poking out between the spinnerets, but seriously… Never feed your tarantula wild insects because it can be caused by parasites and you don’t have anything to worry about

He finally came out of his den. I’ve been sending crickets in there every three days with good success. He’s easily 3 inches now.

Nice, the black color is always so cool after the molt. Mine has been in pre-molt for probably 6 weeks now , not eating but moving around and stuff (at least not hiding under the water bowl for 2 months straight like last time).

Holy fuck I missed these posts!!!

My God good for you rescuing the Spider!

Glad it worked out, I was scared reading the post.

Is he OK now?

The Mexican Red Knee finally molted, looks to be 3.5" now. He molted inside his house (can see his exoskeleton in the back behind him)