Any tarantula owners?

Actually I think it might be a male and this is his last molt as he has the tibial hooks and pedipelps look pretty big. Looks like he has about a year left to live sadly…this is one cool looking spider:

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You can really see the Tibial Hooks and “boxing gloves” on the Pedipalps on him.

I texted one breeder who has used male Brazilian Redheads for breeding but haven’t heard back yet. Will check in with him again on Monday and maybe reach out to some other internet people to see if I can find this guy a female to “send him off”. I’m really bummed, didn’t think I’d get this bummed out aftwr seeing a males final molt.

I just seen one walking across my parking lot. They are on the move here in the Ozarks. First weeks of September. They are fun to watch but I leave them alone. Cool :sunglasses:

I understand nothing you are saying here but I always dig your updates.

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I’m originally from MO and only recently knew there was a a Missouri Tarantula. It’s also a pretty cool looking one!

Talked to the breeder today and he already has his Brazilian Redhead females mated, so he doesn’t need another male. I was going to ask around for other breeders, but then it gets a little weird “sending him off” to someone as opposed to just giving the guy as good a life as I can.

Sounds strange but we have 3 boy rats and they are going to live 2 years without breeding and die. This guy is going to outlive them by a year, so I guess that’s the cycle of life.

Man this guy is massive, probably close to 5". I’m only going to feed him one medium cricket a week to try to prolong his life (usually feed him 3 a week).


Contacted one other SoCal breeder that I got the Mexican Golden Red Rump from in 2019 and he didn’t need the Brazilian Red Head for breeding…so he’s officially staying with me to live out his last months. I fed him a cricket yesterday and he ate it, so that’s cool, at least he’s still eating. Will try feeding him 1 medium cricket every week and see how it goes I guess.

Why were you trying to get rid of him though?

Because once the male reaches maturity, it can only live for a few months to maybe a year. It will constantly try to get out and find a female, so if possible, I wanted it to “fulfill” its destiny and mate (and maybe even die in the process) opposed to just sitting in the enclosure eventually just starving to death or dying when/if it tries to molt again as it will get stuck because of its tibial hooks and large pedipalps make it extremely difficult to fully molt.

I guess I could try the emergency molt surgery like WaxOnWaxOff if that happens, but I think they usually just end up dying from starvation as they basically stop eating after a while…but I’m not sure.

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New pics from this morning: