Any Tito Fans Hope He Gets KOd?

I know this is an odd thread, but are any other Tito fans sick of his pre-fight BS? I like to see him fight and I always root for him but once he started to fight once a year (twice this year, w00t!) I liked him less and less. I don't like how he is outside the octagon, but I still like to see him fight. I want to see him fight 3 times a year, without picking his competition. I think a lot of the haters on here would back of he just fought solid/top competition regularly, win or lose.
I'm really torn but I kind of want to see Cote KO him for this ridiculous crap. I realize this may suck as a fan because he'd really lose ground but I kind of want to see him build himself up again. Fight some solid guys and earn another title shot.
Hope he fights Vitor regardless of the outcome.
Lastly, Tra was the much better pick to fill out the main event, especially if it was at HW.

Does this post make any sense?

If he doesn't totally destroy Guy, he will lose even more face.

he isnt fighting GUY

Guys like Couture have more ring presence because they DON'T talk trash.

Agree with Dougie.


I'm sick of his BS so I want him to win. SOunds ironic but he seems most classy when he's on top. He should drop that kiddy shirt and get more serious. He played the role model quite well, playing the heel is a tired shtick.

I like Tito, but hope he gets KO'd.

not a fan...still hope he gets ko'd!! :)

i hope tito wins. all the haters got me pullin 4 him now

Tito by tko rd 2

if he gets KO'd he'll cry for sure

Hope he gets KO'd bad

It's sad to see Tito get no respect here, but he brought this to himself.

You'd think getting spanked by Randy and getting KTFO by Liddell would make him more humble as a fighter, but he still acts like a 16 yr idiot.

I am a fan of his, but yes I do want to see him get KTFO again.

I hope he wins because I want to be be a heel.

Im a fan of tito but the odds on Cote are making me pull for a Cote win, big bucks big bucks no whammy

PS: go george!

Trash talkers seem to go down the hardest - Tito is way too young to let his career slip away this fast, he'll get back to fundamentals with Couture, keep his head down and let his game do the talking. Otherwise he'll go the way of the Baroni...

Tito should win this fight easily. Anything can happen but I would not be surprised if it ended very early by Tito G and P.
Tito is still a badass. Like it or not.

its funny how everybody hates him for talking shit, so then they come on the internet and talk shit....

I am a big fan of his, but as a non nut hugging open minded individual, I admit I am getting sick and tired of his antics.

I have stated in a previous post that I think he deserves some extra $$$ for taking a fight with someone other than Guy with basically a weeks notice, but I would still think that no matter what, you woudl fight whomever they damn well put in front of you without refusing to fight Tra.

I am starting to believe that he is actually affraid of guys he cant outmuscle and take to the ground!
I honestly dont think he would have beat Tra.

Either way, I will still be a fan because hes still a top 10 fighter, but I just wish he would shutup and fight!